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The Body Positivity aims to provide a safe space for teens to research self image issues.  It allows teens to gain perspectives and tips from other people their age. However, this site should not be substituted for professional help.

Alexis Chia (Founder)


Thanks for visiting the site! I, Alexis, am the founder of this organization.I am a highschool student on a journey to combat society's version of an "perfect" body.  

Why did I start the website?

After months of exploring Google, I couldn't find a single teen to teen platform that supports other teems through a very image-based society. This site hopes to provide that platform for teens, regardless of gender, race, or background. 


Body, all shapes and sizes.


The goals for this organization are simple. It's to act as a supportive platform for teens all across the country! Teens should  know that they aren’t alone, regardless of what they are going through. There will always  be a community there to support them.The Body Positivity aims to be that  community. 


How can I be involved?

You can  submit articles, art, pictures, quotes, or poems to help support other teens whom may be struggling with similar issues. 

How do you plan to solve my self image?

Although this website is aimed to help teens with improving their self-image, it should not be a substitute for professional help. 

How can I get professional help?

Talk to a trusted adult to see what sources they may be able to provide. If you are struggling financially, the Body Positivity is actively working on finding professionals to be of support to this issue. More information can be found on the Resources Page. 

A recovery center didn't work for you,  should I do it? 

The answer differs from case to case. Everyone's scenario is different. However, I would strongly suggest it. Professionals know about safely rehabilitating you back to  health. Attempting to self-treat your eating disorder could result in re-feeding syndrome, which is deadly. 

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